Shopping For Twin XL Down Comforter – Our Top 5 Picks


Twin XL Down Comforters

Extra long or xl twin is actually the standard size of dorm bedding which is not commonly found in many stores. So if you are looking for a twin xl down comforter you may have some issues finding them.  However with various online retail sites that offer all kinds of bedding in every size imaginable, getting your hand on the perfect xl twin down comforter is easy. Just remember the basics when evaluating the quality of a down comforter you are planning to buy.

Most folks know that natural down feathers are superior to the synthetic kinds.  However, you may not know that a higher fill power rating means the softer the down comforter will be. Meanwhile higher thread count will result in a smoother feel against you skin.  Of course, you can always purchase a soft, comfy down comforter cover to cover the not so smooth comforter.

You can also opt for either a box or diamond design for the weave or stitch. These designs will avoid cases where the downs will all amass in one side. Lastly, there are people who are allergic to downs, so make sure to get a hypo-allergenic or allergy free down comforter if this is a concern of yours.

Now that we’re done with bedding 101, lets discuss our top picks of Twin XL down comforters available on the web:

Twin XL Down Comforter in Ivory, Sage, or Light BlueSee Images
An excellent piece of bedding, this xl twin down comforter, available in ivory and other colors contains 21 ounces of high quality premium downs for exceptional comfort all throughout the year. Its cover is made of 100% cotton and especially woven and sewn in order to keep the down in place and avoid the situation of them spilling out of the cover. This gives an extra smooth and silky texture against your skin while you sleep.  This comforter is made by Campus Linens.  View all of their XL Twin comforters here.

Pinzon Pyrenees White Goose Down Comforter - Top Of The Line, Read Over 75 User Reviews
While this comforter is a twin size instead of twin xl, we had to mention it.  This is comforter is a part of Amazon’s luxury Pinzon line, and is a mere 4 inches shorter than a standard twin xl down comforter.  Don’t let the word “luxury” scare you, this comforter is priced much less than other lower quality department store brands.  However, the excellent quality will astound you.

The lightweight comforter has 28 ounces of white goose down filling that is promised to give you warmth and comfort all year long.  Its 600 fill power specification ensures excellent softness that will surely give you that cozy feeling of comfort you’re looking for. The fill power also indicates bigger and stronger down clusters that are durable and can resist breaking down for a longer period of time. In addition, it also has the patented PermaBaffle system that keeps the down filling from sliding around. Equal and uniform distribution of weight and warmth is made sure by a 14-inch baffle box design that extends to both ends.  It has a dobby weave with a varied stripe pattern cover which is made out of 100% cotton and has a 400 thread count rating to ensure smooth quality and prevent leak.  You have to see this comforter to understand  how well it is made and how beautiful the simple design is.

Can you wash this down comforter?  Even though this is our number one pick for down comforters, this super nice down comforter can be machine washed if needed.

Twin XL Down Comforters

Twin XL Down Comforters

600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Down Alternative Twin XL Comforter Set - Silky Smooth, 600 Thread Count
Includes in this premium quality comforter is a twin XL down alternative comforter with the dimension of 66″ x 90”.  This luxurious down alternative comforter features the well-regarded 100% Egyptian cotton fabric that only ensures the total comfort and ease when you are under it. It is also a durable material whose quality is enhanced after every washing. Its 600 thread count rating is certainly among the highest qualities in the standard of the industry. This only means excellent smoothness and silkiness of the fabric.  Includes duvet cover and sham.

Natural Comfort Classic White Goose Down Feather Comforter50% Off
This particular down comforter features 5% premium white goose down and 95% soft white goose feather which simply gives it excellent softness and the capability to keep you warm just the way you need it. Its cover is made from 100% cotton and has a 233 thread count rating for smoothness. Its downs underwent a special process to remove odor and make the comforter hypo-allergenic. The design features a true baffle box to make sure that the downs are consistently kept in one place and will not slid down. You may have some concerns about the quality since the price is noticeably low. However the positive reviews prove that this comforter can stand up against the rest.

Pike Street Microfiber Reversible Twin XL Down Alternative Comforter SetRead reviews and decide for yourself
A highly rated twin xl down alternative comforter is included in this set which can be available in charcoal, blue, or pink. It features microfiber made from 100-percent polyester and has a measurement of twin extra long size or 66 x 92 inches. This is also a reversible down alternative comforter which means that you have an option when it comes to the design.
Positive customer reviews for this product include an approval of the silky soft quality of its microfiber as well as its reversible nature. This can be handy when you are trying to change the look of the room. Furthermore this product earned praised on the lightness of its weight as well as the warmth it provides.  Pillow sham included.

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