Can You Wash A Down Comforter? Yes! Here’s How…

Can You Wash A Down Comforter?

Down comforters are delicate pieces that need proper care, including cleaning, in order to last for many years. How can you wash a down comforter properly? The process is actually simple and only needs to be done once every few years. Follow the steps and suggestions below and you can be assured that your cozy down comforters will last you for many years to come.

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There are few things you should keep in mind in order to avoid needing to washing a down comforter more often than what is recommended.  If you wash your down comforter too often or improperly you can damage the down clusters, thus eliminating their natural oils and causing them to break. This can cause the comforter to shrink an average of 3% to 5%. So follow these daily measures to keep your down comforters clean for as long as possible:

  • First, regularly fluff your down comforters, do it any time you think of it.  One way to remember is to simply do it while making the bed.
  • Second, use a duvet cover to protect keep them from getting dirty.
  • Third, down comforters should be aired out occasionally to keep them from getting musty.

Eventually it will get dirty, so how to wash down comforter?  There are three main options for washing down comforter: wash them at home, wash them at a laundry mat or professional service, or dry clean them. Which should you use?

Read the manufacturer’s tag first and see what their recommendations are. Lets discuss these measures one by one in case you are unsure.

Can You Wash A Down Comforter at Home?

can you wash a down comforterDown comforters vary in size from twin to California king. Check the capacity of your washing machine to determine it is large enough. Most home washing machines can handle twin and full size comforters. Most high capacity front load washers can handle down comforters.  If you have to crumple the comforter to get it in you should bring it to a nearby laundromat.

Now, after having made sure that your washing machine is large enough, load the down comforter into it and use either gentle cycle or hand wash if you have it. Remember down comforters require a very minimal amount of detergent.  Putting too much will cause the cleaning agent to strip the down. Also, choose mild or all-natural cleaners and use non-bleach chlorine should you need it.

Set the rinsing cycle to extra rinse if your washer has that setting. Otherwise run the down comforter through the rinse cycle twice. We want to make sure the detergent is completely rinsed out.

After finishing the first two cycles, use an extra-large capacity dryer to dry the comforter. Set the level to low.  High heat may cause the down comforter to be burn. This stage will take several hours, yet the benefit is that the down will be completely dry and will not be susceptible to mold growth later on. A good tip is to add tennis balls covered by clean socks during the drying process. By doing this, the balls will help fluff the down and in turn keep them from clumping together. Make sure that the down comforter is totally dry before you take it out of the dryer. If not run another cycle or you can hang it to air dry.

Washing  A Down Comforter At A Laundromat or Getting A Professional Cleaner

The process of washing a down comforter at a local laundromat is similar to that of doing it at home.  The advantage is the fact that this place has high capacity front load washers and dryers to help wash the comforter thoroughly and safely. It’s a bit easier as well:  Load the down comforter, select the warm water option, wait for the machine to fill up, set the cycle to delicates, add the required amount of detergent, run the rinse cycle.  Then transfer the comforter to an equally high capacity dryer, and set the setting to low and tumble dry. Of course you also have to pay for the service.

Getting the services of a professional cleaner is recommended if you don’t have the right know-how on how to wash down comforter. The rule is if you are not sure and the you own a premium quality down comforter, better be prudent and pay for the services of a professional cleaner. The advantage is that they know the proper process and they have better cleaning solutions in place.

Washing A Down Comforter With At Home Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning a down comforter is something that you could do at home if it’s not completely dirty. You can use some of the various home dry cleaning kits available.  They claim to provide good results similar to what professional dry cleaners can achieve.  We recommend to do this in between thorough down comforter washings.  But always remember to check the tag or label of the down comforter to see if it can be dry cleaned. The process may remove essential oils from the down which can alter its loft, fluffiness and fill power.