A Down Comforter Guide To Help You Get The Most Bang For Your Buck


Of all the places inside every home, the bedroom, particularly the bed, is the one spot where people love to feel totally comfortable and at ease. The comfort it provides will determine how well a person will be rested for the next day. Having the finest mattress, pillows, blankets, and comforters, among many others will help ensure the complete relaxation of ones body and mind.

Among the popular bedroom accessories are comforters—particularly down comforters. The warmth and comfort that these can provide are truly relaxing and enough to rejuvenate the energy in a person from a previously stressful day.

There is a wide variety of comforters to choose when you are looking for the right down comforter for your needs. This site will serve as your down comforter guide which can help in providing you with the basic know-how in selecting the ideal piece for your ultimate satisfaction and comfort. Below are some basic questions often asked by many about down comforters.

Down Comforter Guide 101

Down Comforter GuideA down comforter is so called because of the primary materials used in making it, which are down or soft fine feathers of ducks, geese, and other waterfowls. Otherwise known as down plumage, these are soft inner feathers but without the quill shank or shaft. These soft feathers are located at the underbelly of waterfowls and they entrap or shut in warm air which in turn keeps the geese and ducks warm in winter and cool all through the summer season. The finest downs are usually obtained from a mature waterfowl. Geese down feathers are finer in quality compared to ducks but the most expensive and luxurious are the Eider downs which come from large sea ducks normally found in the Northern Hemisphere.

There are two types of down comforter beddings. They can either be of natural downs, like the ones described above or of synthetic downs. The natural downs can maintain warmth in the comforter for a longer period by trapping air, are softer, and are more durable. Synthetics on the other hand are more affordable and are of lower quality if compared to the natural types. Although this type cannot match the natural in terms of total comfort provided, several synthetic brands are well received in many down comforter reviews.

Down Comforter Guide – What Do The Best Down Comforters Have In Common?

Choosing the right down comforter will really depend on your particular needs. They are available in many different weights, qualities, and fills. Each of these can provide you with the appropriate level of comfort that you need, should it be a warm bed in times of wintery and cold days or a blanket that will keep you cool during summer nights. When shopping for a comforter, the first thing to do is know how much warmth you really want from your comforter. You also have to consider whether you are going to use them all throughout the year and not just for a certain season.

The standard of quality of a down comforter is determined by the so called fill power. It is a means to classify and grade the kinds of down in order to know which is superior and better than the others. A high fill power signifies a better quality of down. It indicates that it has stronger and larger clusters, it is more breathable, and it is more durable. A high fill power also includes downs which are softer and lighter, fluffier, and more luxurious. Normally a fill power of 500 is considered high quality, while more expensive, top of the line and splendid quality will have a fill power of 700. Fill powers below 500 are not recommended.

It is noteworthy to point out that high quality down comforters will be very expensive. However the price range of these products covers a wide range of budget consideration. Of course those at the lower priced level will be lesser in quality and fill power. If you are working on a budget there are affordable down comforters that may actually serve your needs. Try also to look for discount sales on high quality items which are held occasionally. It would be a wise investment in your sleep quality and health.

The Top 3 California King Down Comforters Online


There are two types of california king down comforters.  There are those cooshy, cozy comforters with a silky smooth exterior and a expertly padded fill to keep you perfectly warm during the winter and cool in the summer.  Then there are the ones…you know the ones.  Those lumpy  down comforters with paper thin covering, and feathers poking through, scratching your skin.  You wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.  No, thank you.  But, how do you know you’re getting an excellent cal king down comforter to go with your luxurious california king bed?  Let’s go through the basics.

A california king down comforter is simply a type of bedding designed to fit the california king or western king bed. It was named as such because it was once most commonly used in the West Coast specifically California. These comforters measure 76” in width and 84” in length.  This is not a common size bed so you can image it is not very easy to find bedding for it.  When you compare it to the dimensions of a king size bed, it is actually narrower by 4” but longer by the same measure. This is the longest size bed available and is made for taller people.

(Thread Count, Fill Power, Oh My!  Are all the numbers making your head spin?  Check out our down comforter guide to learn the basics.)

Some folks consider getting a cal king down comforter for their king size bed, because they think it will be more cozy.  This is a bad idea, as you are actually losing inches in the width of the bed.  So, check your mattress and make sure you have a cal king.  Our top 3 comforters are all also available in king size.

So, lets get on with it.  We have searched the web and found out top comforter picks.  These comforters are top quality but are also at an affordable price.

Top 3 California King Down Comforters

*Now 77% Off*  1200 Thread Count California King 1200TC Siberian Goose Down Comforter 750FP

A premium quality luxury goose down comforter on sale!  With its 750 fill power of hand harvested 100% white Goose Down this down comforter may cause excessive drooling and cannot be held liable for excessive over sleeping.  This thing is so comfy.  Reviews report feeling like they are sleeping in womb.  Not too hot, not too cold, but just right…

“A California King Down Comforter Made From Siberian Goose Downs Offers The Never Ending Gift Of Luxury Every Single Night.”

Its 1200 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton cover meanwhile is not only elegant but soft and silky to the touch.  It is hypo-allergenic so those with an allergy to downs shouldn’t worry about having adverse reaction when using this particular comforter.

Reviews from customers attest as to how incredibly warm, soft and comforting it is. Unlike synthetic downs, Siberian goose down is as comfortable on the hottest days of summer as it is on the coldest day in winter.  Some praise its light weight as well as how beautiful it was designed. There are concerns about how less puffy it initially looks after it was delivered but with proper airing out, it was found out how truly puffy and soft this comforter can be.

1200 Thread Count KING / CALIFORNIA KING Size Siberian Goose California King Down Comforter White Stripe Over 50% Off!

California King Down ComfortersAnother superbly made down comforter which features Siberian Goose downs.  This comforter features 750 fill power which only means total comfort in terms of the softness and warmth it can provide. The cover is made of 100% Egyptian cotton designed with an elegant damask stripe. Egyptian cotton for a long time now has been used to create luxurious fabric. In addition, its fabric is also woven in a 1200 thread count to ensure smoothness and silkiness when you wrap you body with it. It is also guaranteed to be allergy free so it would be safe for people with sensitivities to downs.

Positive customer reviews include approvals on how nice and soft are its materials and how efficiently it can keep your body warm without generating too much heat. It also got praise for the quality of its fluff and how comfortable it is overall.

Royal Hotel’s 1200 Thread Count California King Size Goose Down Alternative Comforter

This particular down comforter is an excellent example of what a luxurious down comforter should be. It is actually down-alternative,  that features 100% goose down in at least 750 fill power. Such a rating ensures only excellent softness quality. It also can provide medium warmth all year round. A cover made from top quality Egyptian cotton with 1200 thread count ensures smoothness. It has a stitched box design to avoid any shifting of the downs inside the comforter as well as side gusset to give total warmth.

Positive customer reviews include how this down comforter is well made and how its stitched box design efficiently keeps filling in place. It also received praise on how it is not very heavy but can give plenty of warm especially during cold nights. There are some concerns on its actual size though however other customers did not have any issue with it.

Shopping For Twin XL Down Comforter – Our Top 5 Picks


Twin XL Down Comforters

Extra long or xl twin is actually the standard size of dorm bedding which is not commonly found in many stores. So if you are looking for a twin xl down comforter you may have some issues finding them.  However with various online retail sites that offer all kinds of bedding in every size imaginable, getting your hand on the perfect xl twin down comforter is easy. Just remember the basics when evaluating the quality of a down comforter you are planning to buy.

Most folks know that natural down feathers are superior to the synthetic kinds.  However, you may not know that a higher fill power rating means the softer the down comforter will be. Meanwhile higher thread count will result in a smoother feel against you skin.  Of course, you can always purchase a soft, comfy down comforter cover to cover the not so smooth comforter.

You can also opt for either a box or diamond design for the weave or stitch. These designs will avoid cases where the downs will all amass in one side. Lastly, there are people who are allergic to downs, so make sure to get a hypo-allergenic or allergy free down comforter if this is a concern of yours.

Now that we’re done with bedding 101, lets discuss our top picks of Twin XL down comforters available on the web:

Twin XL Down Comforter in Ivory, Sage, or Light BlueSee Images
An excellent piece of bedding, this xl twin down comforter, available in ivory and other colors contains 21 ounces of high quality premium downs for exceptional comfort all throughout the year. Its cover is made of 100% cotton and especially woven and sewn in order to keep the down in place and avoid the situation of them spilling out of the cover. This gives an extra smooth and silky texture against your skin while you sleep.  This comforter is made by Campus Linens.  View all of their XL Twin comforters here.

Pinzon Pyrenees White Goose Down Comforter - Top Of The Line, Read Over 75 User Reviews
While this comforter is a twin size instead of twin xl, we had to mention it.  This is comforter is a part of Amazon’s luxury Pinzon line, and is a mere 4 inches shorter than a standard twin xl down comforter.  Don’t let the word “luxury” scare you, this comforter is priced much less than other lower quality department store brands.  However, the excellent quality will astound you.

The lightweight comforter has 28 ounces of white goose down filling that is promised to give you warmth and comfort all year long.  Its 600 fill power specification ensures excellent softness that will surely give you that cozy feeling of comfort you’re looking for. The fill power also indicates bigger and stronger down clusters that are durable and can resist breaking down for a longer period of time. In addition, it also has the patented PermaBaffle system that keeps the down filling from sliding around. Equal and uniform distribution of weight and warmth is made sure by a 14-inch baffle box design that extends to both ends.  It has a dobby weave with a varied stripe pattern cover which is made out of 100% cotton and has a 400 thread count rating to ensure smooth quality and prevent leak.  You have to see this comforter to understand  how well it is made and how beautiful the simple design is.

Can you wash this down comforter?  Even though this is our number one pick for down comforters, this super nice down comforter can be machine washed if needed.

Twin XL Down Comforters

Twin XL Down Comforters

600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Down Alternative Twin XL Comforter Set - Silky Smooth, 600 Thread Count
Includes in this premium quality comforter is a twin XL down alternative comforter with the dimension of 66″ x 90”.  This luxurious down alternative comforter features the well-regarded 100% Egyptian cotton fabric that only ensures the total comfort and ease when you are under it. It is also a durable material whose quality is enhanced after every washing. Its 600 thread count rating is certainly among the highest qualities in the standard of the industry. This only means excellent smoothness and silkiness of the fabric.  Includes duvet cover and sham.

Natural Comfort Classic White Goose Down Feather Comforter50% Off
This particular down comforter features 5% premium white goose down and 95% soft white goose feather which simply gives it excellent softness and the capability to keep you warm just the way you need it. Its cover is made from 100% cotton and has a 233 thread count rating for smoothness. Its downs underwent a special process to remove odor and make the comforter hypo-allergenic. The design features a true baffle box to make sure that the downs are consistently kept in one place and will not slid down. You may have some concerns about the quality since the price is noticeably low. However the positive reviews prove that this comforter can stand up against the rest.

Pike Street Microfiber Reversible Twin XL Down Alternative Comforter SetRead reviews and decide for yourself
A highly rated twin xl down alternative comforter is included in this set which can be available in charcoal, blue, or pink. It features microfiber made from 100-percent polyester and has a measurement of twin extra long size or 66 x 92 inches. This is also a reversible down alternative comforter which means that you have an option when it comes to the design.
Positive customer reviews for this product include an approval of the silky soft quality of its microfiber as well as its reversible nature. This can be handy when you are trying to change the look of the room. Furthermore this product earned praised on the lightness of its weight as well as the warmth it provides.  Pillow sham included.

Can You Wash A Down Comforter? Yes! Here’s How…

Can You Wash A Down Comforter?

Down comforters are delicate pieces that need proper care, including cleaning, in order to last for many years. How can you wash a down comforter properly? The process is actually simple and only needs to be done once every few years. Follow the steps and suggestions below and you can be assured that your cozy down comforters will last you for many years to come.

Learn everything you need to know to make your down comforter last a lifetime, with our Down Comforter Guide.

There are few things you should keep in mind in order to avoid needing to washing a down comforter more often than what is recommended.  If you wash your down comforter too often or improperly you can damage the down clusters, thus eliminating their natural oils and causing them to break. This can cause the comforter to shrink an average of 3% to 5%. So follow these daily measures to keep your down comforters clean for as long as possible:

  • First, regularly fluff your down comforters, do it any time you think of it.  One way to remember is to simply do it while making the bed.
  • Second, use a duvet cover to protect keep them from getting dirty.
  • Third, down comforters should be aired out occasionally to keep them from getting musty.

Eventually it will get dirty, so how to wash down comforter?  There are three main options for washing down comforter: wash them at home, wash them at a laundry mat or professional service, or dry clean them. Which should you use?

Read the manufacturer’s tag first and see what their recommendations are. Lets discuss these measures one by one in case you are unsure.

Can You Wash A Down Comforter at Home?

can you wash a down comforterDown comforters vary in size from twin to California king. Check the capacity of your washing machine to determine it is large enough. Most home washing machines can handle twin and full size comforters. Most high capacity front load washers can handle down comforters.  If you have to crumple the comforter to get it in you should bring it to a nearby laundromat.

Now, after having made sure that your washing machine is large enough, load the down comforter into it and use either gentle cycle or hand wash if you have it. Remember down comforters require a very minimal amount of detergent.  Putting too much will cause the cleaning agent to strip the down. Also, choose mild or all-natural cleaners and use non-bleach chlorine should you need it.

Set the rinsing cycle to extra rinse if your washer has that setting. Otherwise run the down comforter through the rinse cycle twice. We want to make sure the detergent is completely rinsed out.

After finishing the first two cycles, use an extra-large capacity dryer to dry the comforter. Set the level to low.  High heat may cause the down comforter to be burn. This stage will take several hours, yet the benefit is that the down will be completely dry and will not be susceptible to mold growth later on. A good tip is to add tennis balls covered by clean socks during the drying process. By doing this, the balls will help fluff the down and in turn keep them from clumping together. Make sure that the down comforter is totally dry before you take it out of the dryer. If not run another cycle or you can hang it to air dry.

Washing  A Down Comforter At A Laundromat or Getting A Professional Cleaner

The process of washing a down comforter at a local laundromat is similar to that of doing it at home.  The advantage is the fact that this place has high capacity front load washers and dryers to help wash the comforter thoroughly and safely. It’s a bit easier as well:  Load the down comforter, select the warm water option, wait for the machine to fill up, set the cycle to delicates, add the required amount of detergent, run the rinse cycle.  Then transfer the comforter to an equally high capacity dryer, and set the setting to low and tumble dry. Of course you also have to pay for the service.

Getting the services of a professional cleaner is recommended if you don’t have the right know-how on how to wash down comforter. The rule is if you are not sure and the you own a premium quality down comforter, better be prudent and pay for the services of a professional cleaner. The advantage is that they know the proper process and they have better cleaning solutions in place.

Washing A Down Comforter With At Home Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning a down comforter is something that you could do at home if it’s not completely dirty. You can use some of the various home dry cleaning kits available.  They claim to provide good results similar to what professional dry cleaners can achieve.  We recommend to do this in between thorough down comforter washings.  But always remember to check the tag or label of the down comforter to see if it can be dry cleaned. The process may remove essential oils from the down which can alter its loft, fluffiness and fill power.

Down Comforters Sale – Get The Most Bang For Your Buck With These Tips

Down  comforters can be considered somewhat  of a luxury item.  Sure, a blanket will do the job, but sleeping in a down comforter is divine.  These items can be expensive, so you may be wondering where you can find down comforters sale.  The best place to purchase down comforters is, hands down, from online retailers.  They have the largest selection and, because of their huge inventory, they are able to give steep discounts.  You will be able to buy a much higher quality down comforter from an online retailer for the same price you would pay for a lower quality comforter at a department store.  So lets make sure you get the most bang for your buck…

Down Comforters Sale – Inexpensive Doesn’t Have To Mean Cheap

First let me give you some basic information about down comforters. They are bedding desired by many for their softness, warmth, and lightness. Downs are actually feathers from waterfowls like ducks and geese. They are located on the underbelly and are the reason why these birds can keep warm during winter and cool during summer.  The quality of the downs can also vary with geese generally considered to have a more superior down than ducks.

Down Comforters SaleDown comforters sale features a variety of these downs from the lesser quality to the more luxurious kinds. Their price range also caters to a broad budget  from the cheap and affordable to the expensive. Goose downs are more commonly used.  The downs considered to be the finest in terms of quality is the Hungarian goose down. It’s downs are thick, heavy, durable and almost odorless. Comforters featuring this particular kind of downs assure its user that they will be kept warm on cold days since Hungarian geese are considered to be extremely cold-weather birds. Since  these are the finest in terms of quality this luxurious bedding is on the high side of the price range.

Down comforters which are at the middle-price-range are the most common and popular in the market since they are at the price level that most shoppers can afford to pay without having to compromise much in terms of quality. In other words, their prices are reasonable and worth their value. These comforters usually feature grey and white goose down taken from European or Chinese geese.

Another variety of down also considered to be of very high quality are those gathered from Eider ducks. These ducks lives in cold climates and have thick and heavy downs which are usually used in high quality comforters since they can provide the same warmth and comfort that a Hungarian goose down can deliver.

In determining what great comforters rating would be, the generally accepted standard is its fill power (FP). It tells you the volume of down or filling inside the comforter. Those with a  high fill power rating are firmer and capable of locking in more heat. By industry standards, those down comforters with 500-800 fill power rating are considered good quality. The Hungarian goose or the Eider down comforters for instance can have 700-800 fill power rating while those grey and white goose down comforters can have a 500-600 fill power rating. The ones with lower ratings are considered to be of lower quality. So check for these ratings when you are looking and shopping for down comforters.

Depending on your needs, down comforters can either keep you warm or cool you off by taking into consideration the kind of fabric used. Linen, for instance,  is a much cooler fabric while heavier cotton, on the other hand, will keep you warm. Another factor to consider is if a down comforter is stuffed with adult or baby geese feathers. Those with adult geese feathers are fluffier and will keep you warm since it can lock in more heat.

With down comforters sale no longer confined to retail and department stores you can now shop with great convenience and can have a wide range of options as to the quality and price range. Just keep in mind the topics and guidelines discussed in the down comforter guide and you can’t go wrong in selecting the perfect down comforter for your utmost satisfaction.